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After processing what had happened to him, Jackson decided it would be best to go with the guards and not try and cause trouble with them. They drove "Melissa" to a cafe where "her" husband Blake was waiting for her. Jackson stumbled awkwardly over to the table, as he had not adjusted to Melissa's high heels yet. When he finally got there, Blake began to inquire "her" about what kept her at the studio for so long. Worried about making himself seem suspicious, Jackson told Blake that "she" was doing some extra practice with the technical equipment used in the latest episode of Supergirl. Thankfully for him, Blake accepted "Melissa's" excuse. The rest of the date went quite smoothly, as Jackson found it surprisingly easy to talk with Blake, as the occasion was much more casual and didn't require too much questioning. After dessert, the two went home for the night.

Back at Melissa's house, Jackson searched around for something that could've caused him to be stuck in her body. Despite putting up a valiant search, he had no luck finding any clues. But those thoughts left his mind when Blake entered the bedroom, a noticeable bulge sticking out of his pants. Before Jackson could question what Blake wanted from him, the two were embracing on the bed. As the passion between them continued to spike, Jackson found himself orgasming at an intensely fast pace. As he did, all his regrets about becoming Melissa began to fade away, leaving nothing but contentment from the pleasure "she" was receiving. In fact, Jackson's regrets weren't the only things fading away. Each time he orgasmed, one year of his memories disappeared and were replaced by Melissa's. By the time the night was over, not a single trace of Jackson was left in Melissa's body. In fact, Jackson had been wiped completely from existence, leaving only Melissa in his place.

ErebusLucifer Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2017  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Very good story.
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